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Watch this video and more on GUERRILLA JIU-JITSU ONLINE

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Basic De la Riva Guard Pull Drill

San Jose Daily • 1m 28s

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  • Arm Triangle: Counter the "Answer the...

    Matt Darcy show how to counter the "answer the phone" defense for an arm triangle. He isolates the wrist by pulling the wrist away from the head and driving forward smashing the wrist to the ground.

    Date: 5/13/19
    Instructor: Matt Darcy
    Location: Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu San Jose

  • Iron Maiden Back Control - Reverse Tr...

    Matt Darcy shows a reverse triangle set up from the Iron Maiden Back Control. From the reverse triangle Matt goes for the Kimura finish as a primary attack.

    You can get the full Iron Maiden Back Control Instructional at!

    Date: 6/13/2019
    Instructor: Matt Darcy
    Location: Guerri...

  • Rude Mount - Part 1 - How to Gain the...

    Matt Darcy shows how to completely dominate your opponent by gaining the elbow line using a vonFlue style head control. This will set up arm triangle and s mount. It also counters opponents who push your hips to escape.